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Dating in Costa Rica

Dating in Costa Rica, I have found to be complicated. There are specific criteria that I want in a man.

No lying, no cheating, spiritual understanding, personal depth, independent, and willing to work on themselves.

The level of spiritual understanding and depth in men here is limited. Don’t get me wrong there are some good men here. There are men that don’t lie or cheat are here, just hard to find. Jonathan never lied or cheater, but his spiritual and energetic understand is very low.

From my understanding, men with a higher educational background tend to be more highly evolved. They have some knowledge of higher thinking. I think it allows them to think outside the box and question things in their lives a lot easier than men with lower educational background.

Don’t get me wrong this seems like I am stereotyping the men here. I have talked to and dated a good diverse background of men here. There are probably some men that defy this fact, I just haven’t met them yet. Even locals have told me that if I want to find a guy that has more of an open mind than I need to find someone with higher education.

Cheating and lying happen at all levels. It can happen with doctors, tourist guides, or fishermen. It is just part of their culture for some reason I don’t understand. I have met quite a few men that don’t do this. There are just more that do than don’t.

Since I live in a tourist town, it is easier to find people who are here on vacation than people who live here permanently.  There are a lot of bars too, but I don’t drink. They aren’t my scene.

So, what does a girl do?

She uses tinder.

Tinder isn’t perfect because a lot of men want just sex, are on vacation, or live far away. It does allow me to see a few things.

  1. It allows me to be picky about who I talk to. I can easily stop talking to them if things don’t go the way I want. If I am not feeling a conversation, I can just ignore them. If I like the conversation, I can keep it going and possibly meet them in person.
  2. I don’t have to see them if I don’t feel comfortable.
  3. Blocking a number is much easier than blocking a person. (which I have had trouble with in the past)
  4. With Tinder, you generally are talking to more than one person, which gives perspective on the different types of people. I have enjoyed seeing how the different guys are in terms of depth or neediness.

So far, I haven’t met anyone in person. I am not sure this will be the way I meet that perfect person I am looking for. It is worth a shot so I can understand more about the culture of the men here. I am open to what it may bring. Maybe it brings a travel buddy or a good friend. It is a learning process.