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There is no such thing as lost time

Someone recently said to me “I don’t like it when people waste my time.” It got me thinking. Can we really waste time if we learn from what we are doing? What is a waste of time anyway? 

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When you learn, you gain time

I am learning that as you learn, you gain time. Obviously, you can’t gain actually time, but you can gain experience that helps you learn faster. This allows you to live a better life. 

In the past, I used to “waste time” with being around the wrong people. Over time I learned what works and doesn’t work for me, so now I don’t waste time with people who don’t suit my life. The way I look at it, is I learned something valuable and that is worth my time. Now, I have more time to be with people who are amazing. 

People can’t waste our time.

People are who they are so it is our choice on what we do about them. If someone is “wasting” your time, then it falls on you to make the time productive in some way. We are in control of our time and our life, no one else is. There are many ways to do this. 

Walk away

We can walk away from people that are wasting our time. If we walk away this gives us our time back. Walking away is one of the best ways to take control of our time, space, and life.

Say “No”

If we don’t like something say “No, that doesn’t suit me and my goals.” This gives you the power and the strength to keep the boundaries you put up, limiting the time-wasting. 

Keep your boundaries

Boundaries are so important. I wrote an article about this a few weeks ago. Boundaries are an amazing way to keep people from wasting our time. They give us the power and control to live the life we want. Check out the article to learn more

Learn something

Find something to learn about the situation. This will allow you to feel that it was worth something even if it a small win. There is always something to learn about ourselves in every situation and experience.

Do you “waste time”?

Do you waste time with people because you don’t do some of the things listed above? If you do, start now by making decisions that give you your time and energy back. Even a little change goes a long way. 

There are ways we can waste our own time such as sleeping all day or watching movies when we should be doing something else. Those are a little different to handle as that is something we do for ourselves. We can use those times to relax and reconnect with ourselves or we can overuse them as a way to avoid life. I know I do that sometimes. 

Let me know what you will do to gain your time back. Who will you put up boundaries with? What activity will you limit so you can have more time for growth? Leave a comment and let me know. 

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Self- Love: The Mental Aspect

Your mind is what controls your life. How you think and what you think can affect every aspect of your life. Your career, relationships, family, and physical appearance success is tied to what going on in your mind. 

One of the 7 principals of Hermeticism is mentalism, “All is mind.” This is where everything starts. We start making our life the way it is by what goes through our mind. What you believe life is, is what life will be. In every way. 

It is as simple as that. The best way to live a happy and free life is to master your mind. 

Taking Care of your Mind

Process and flow

One of the hardest aspects of mental self-love (for me and many others) is to process and flow. As humans, we tend to hold on to everything as if it owns us. We take to heart everything that happens to us and we don’t let go. Which is great when we are children as it helps protect us from future danger. As for adults, it limits us and keeps us in a box that doesn’t promote creativity and freedom. 

How can we begin to process and flow?

Well, you can start with yoga or other mental calming techniques. My favorite is breathing. When I breathe in, I breathe in new, fresh, and good energy. When I breathe out, I breathe out my thoughts and emotions. I circulate what is going on within me. Breathe in the good, and release the bad. This helps things flow. 

It is especially useful after an intense cardio workout. Working out is one of the best ways to get energy moving to release them with breathing.  This creates flow. Once we have the flow, it makes processing what is flowing easier. You can then begin to see what flows, what doesn’t, and what is within you or someone else. (We can attract other people’s energies and keep them as our own.)

Believe and Repeat Affirmations

I’ve heard so many people say “affirmations don’t work!” It is a waste of time. I am here to attest that it is not a waste of time and it can change your mental thoughts. It is not an instant fix. It takes time and belief to work.

A few years ago, someone told me I was a superwoman. I repeated that I was superwoman over and over again in my thoughts, energy, and writing. After a few years of doing this and slowly changing my way of being… IT HAPPENED! I became a superwoman. 

You can repeat I am _______, I do ______, I have _______ (fill in the blanks.) To me, this is boring and monotonous. I will write that out and keep in on pieces of paper where I can see them. I read them in my head as I see them. 

I found to be the most effective for me was to find a song that resonated with where I wanted to be. During the major life changes, I went through five years ago my songs were Titanium by David Ghetta and Hall of Fame by The Script.

The energy from the instruments and the lyrics hit home every time. I was able to remember and believe what I was singing more than just repeating a phrase. 

Back then….

I was afraid to live like a superwoman. I was walking around like a sad sheep that had no love or confidence. Titanium gave me the confidence I needed to break out of my sadness. Living as Superwoman, I was titanium. No one could touch me. No one could take away the confidence and self-love I had. I have nothing to lose no matter how hard people through fire at me. I was finding me. 

Hall of Fame helped me know I can live as Superwoman. I could be whatever I wanted. I could move mountains and find myself. I can burn with the brightest flame and be superwoman. I could be the hero. It was super hard to believe at the beginning, but the more I sang it and belted it out at the red lights and in the shower, the more I felt it in my soul! 


Over the years the songs have changed and adapted to what I was battling with. Hall of Fame and Titanium were amazing in helping me get to where I am today. I still listen to them and they still hit my soul. Now… it’s a new song. 

My song recently has been This is Me from The Greatest Showman. This song resonates with me in so many ways. “This is me… I am not changing for anyone. I am brave… I am bruised… I am who I am meant to be. I am not scared to be seen and I won’t apologize.” As I go into the work of becoming a successful self-love coach, I am afraid to be seen and to be heard. I am afraid for the world to see what I can do. This song gives me the power to write and let myself share what I know about self-love. 

Ask Questions and Seek the Answers

The mind plays tricks on us sometimes. If you have ever seen the movie Revolver, the elevator scene is the best at representing the ego/mind. How do we find the truth if we don’t ask questions and seek the truth? I have always been a person to ask questions, sometimes hard ones. I find the harder the question is to answer the more truth is hidden. 

My questions have changed many times over the years as I have found the answers. It went from what is this life about and what am I supposed to do to what does a real relationship look like and is there more than one way to find it?

There are so many smaller questions I have related to those main questions, but I never stop looking for the answers. I am always living my life and paying attention to what life throws at me. The more life throws, the more answers I get. It’s all about being aware and processing what is in front of you. 

You want a changed life… Start with Your MIND!